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Dubai's property market is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the world. Located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is an exciting hub for tourism and investment. With tax free investment and a luxurious lifestyle to offer it is no wonder why Dubai’s Property market continues to thrive and perform so well in the world’s current economic climate.

Valco Properties Broker L.L.C entered the Dubai property market at the best possible time in 2006 this was whilst Dubai was undergoing a huge change and massive economic growth. Our company unlike most other real estate companies survived the recession, we stood firm and continued to provide our clients with tailor made services based on their requirement's during that period of time.

We are now seeing a much stronger and stable Dubai, with new laws and guidelines implemented to safeguard any investment in property that is made. Dubai has once again become an extremely attractive place to invest in, with many new and exciting projects starting or being completed and handed over to landlords frequently. Valco Properties have a great understanding of all the main developments within Dubai. Our focus as always is on our clients and making sure that we enable them to invest in the right property to meet all their desired needs and requirements while investing, this gives our clients the greatest percentage on return every time.

If you’re looking for residential property to buy in Dubai it has never been a better time. Increasing rents are providing attractive investment yields while capital growth continues to improve in major and important Dubai communities.

We always make sure that all of our agents and back office team stay up to date with any changes that occur within the real estate market. Following on from your investment our aftercare team will be on hand to ensure that you are not only happy with the buying process but also have support and guidance afterwards. Valco Properties are here to make sure that the property you choose is the right property for you.

All of our property consultants have a strong Real Estate background with years of experience. If the times comes and you want to sell your property Valco Properties are here to help, our extensive advertising allows us to market your property to the right market to allow you to get the right price in the quickest time. Valco Properties are the perfect choice for an overseas investor, after we have guided you through the buying process there are many more options that Valco Properties have to offer.

We offer a comprehensive selection of apartment service plans, this allows any investor to know that their property will be well maintained and looked after.

To discuss your property requirements with an agent today please contact us at +971-4-454 8339 or email us at

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Muhammad Liaqat Khan
Senior Property Consultant

BRN :36986
Mobile : +971 52 640 6420
Mail: muhammad@valco-properties.com
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Anastasia Panchuk
CIS Property Consultant

Mobile : +971 55 443 7885
Mail: anastasia@valco-properties.com
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Mohammad Rashidkhani
Senior Property Consultant

BRN :39982
Mobile : +971 52 640 6403
Mail: mohammad@valco-properties.com
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Firuza Pardaeva
Senior Property Consultant

BRN :39753
Mobile : +971 52 640 6422
Mail: firuza@valco-properties.com
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Muzaffar Sherbayev
Senior Property Consultant

BRN :39117
Mobile : +971 52 640 6300
Mail: muzaffar@valco-properties.com
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Billion Olagbaye
Senior Property Consultant

BRN :40038
Mobile : +971 52 640 6430
Mail: billion@valco-properties.com
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Senior Property Consultant

BRN :37240
Mobile : +971 44 548339
Mail: info@valco-properties.com
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Liubov Lutska
Senior Property Consultant

BRN :31628
Mobile : +971 55 924 2449
Mail: liubov@valco-properties.com
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Matti Thomas Tukia
Senior Property Consultant

BRN :34876
Mobile : +971 44 548339
Mail: thomas@valco-properties.com
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