UAE tenants rate chiller-free and no commission for brokers as top picks for rental moves

Dubai: Chiller-free rental options are at the top of the mind of UAE tenants seeking a new home to move into. If the deal can be struck without having to pay a broker commission, then all the better.

At least, that’s what on their minds going by the search history. “With the tremendous amount of stock in the market, there are a number of agencies that are working with developers providing consumers with no commission structures and lucrative deals so they can attract more renters,” said Lynnette Abad, Director of Research & Data at Property Finder.

These days, there are more landlords throwing in chiller-free options as a value-add, and probably hoping that would convince the prospective tenant to go for a lower rental property. Ahead of summer, real estate sources are talking about a rise in residents shifting to new rental premises. Provided one or two of their requirements are met.

Multiple cheque options from the landlord has gone down the priority list compared to last year, indicating that residents are more certain of their job and income status.

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