Turning Transactions into Relationships

Valco Properties LLC was established in 2006 in Dubai and has been thriving in the local real estate sector ever since. We are here to unlock Dubai’s rich property market to our clients from all across the globe looking to find top-quality properties in Dubai.

We provide a full-service real estate experience with a personal touch to buyers, renters and sellers of both residential and commercial properties, and fully support them on their journey through mortgage and home maintenance services. Our approach is what has won us awards and accolades in the competitive Dubai real estate market. 

Helping You Thrive in the Dubai Market

Valco Properties entered the scene during Dubai’s massive economic growth in 2006 which led to a huge overhaul in the real estate market. We have not only survived, but thrived during the recession in the aftermath of 2008, and continued to stand firm during the COVID19 pandemic. 

Our goal is to provide that sense of stability for all of our clients and give them more value for their property, not just by saving tremendous amounts in fees, but also by investing in every home we sell and delivering measurable results that help us constantly improve and adjust to the most current market conditions. 

Real Estate Tailored to You

We use our extensive experience to empower our customers with data and insights about the local real estate market which help them save money, effort and time. We believe that the process of buying, renting and selling property should be seamless and worry-free for everyone involved. 

Our always-growing database of exclusive properties from vetted sources and extensive local knowledge enables us to help home buyers and renters get a deeper understanding of neighbourhoods in Dubai and find their dream property in the community they will prosper in.

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